21-23 June 2019
Springfield, TN

$20 per person for the whole weekend

Come join Raven Moon Hearth for their second annual Sunnablot (Midsummer, summer solstice) festival, a family friendly weekend filled with Norse games, vendors, and workshops. We will be making offerings to the goddess Sunna during the main ritual.

This event is hosted on the land of our kinsmen’s private residence in Springfield, TN. There is plenty of room for parking and camping.

Bring your tent, chairs, and camping supplies. There are no shower facilities, but a hose is accessible so bring a bucket if you want to wash up. Electricity is not available. Porta-potties are provided.
Hint: A solar light outside of your tent will help you find it in the dark 🙂

The following meals are included with your event ticket (subject to change):

Friday night dinner:
Baked ziti, salad, garlic bread

Saturday breakfast:
Fresh fruit, breakfast burritos (scrambled eggs with cheese) put on a bunch of tortillas with extra cheese, salsa, maybe some crumbled sausage, baked hash browns, coffee

(Lunch is not provided on Saturday. If you don’t want to bring it with you there are places to purchase food in town, but it’s about a 15 minute drive.)

Saturday night dinner:
Cheesy chicken rice casserole, salad, leftovers from previous dinner

Sunday breakfast:
Fresh fruit, hard boiled eggs, donuts, any leftovers from the previous meal, coffee

Sunnablot: the ritual
Suitable offerings to bring for Sunna include:
sunflowers, plants, fruits (especially citrus and apples)

Details coming soon

Children’s activities
Details coming soon

Irish Dan
Midgard Musings – Jesse & Vanessa Stilwagen will be onsite with wood burnings and rune readings, and will be shooting footage for their YouTube channel
Link, Leather, Scale & Feather – carved leather goods

Norse games
Tug of War, Hammer Throw, Lift the Cobblers Sack, and Sven May I Hit You

Event rules
* Please remember that this is a family event and we expect everyone in attendance to treat it as such. There is a zero tolerance policy on drugs, violence, and underage drinking. We ask that you leave your pets at home and that any firearms are securely locked in your vehicle. Remember that this is private property and that being a good guest is just as important as us being good hosts.
* Violent or threatening behavior will not be tolerated. Any breach of these guidelines is grounds for removal from the event and forfeiture of all monies paid.
* The personal residence is off limits to guests
* This is a family friendly event, but please be advised that in the evening, adult activities will take place. If you have children in attendance, you are responsible for watching them

TO BRING checklist
*Tent (check the weather and make sure you have weatherproof gear if needed!)
*Camp Chair
*BYOB (we will have water available at all times)
*Lunch for Saturday
*Personal Products/Medication
*Cash for vendors and Hearth fundraisers
*Offering for Sunna

And remember…
Do: Come and celebrate the old ways.
Don’t…. Bring hate in any form. This includes racism. You will be escorted from festival.
Do: Bring cameras, but please ask if it’s ok to take someone’s picture. 
Do: Have fun and drink.
Don’t… Get shit faced and start trouble. You will be escorted from festival
Do: make your campsite decor fun and functional.
Don’t… bring anything irreplaceable that you couldn’t bear to lose.
Do: use tarp and pop-up tents to block harsh elements like wind, dirt and sun.
Don’t… assume you have enough tarps. More tarps are always welcome!
Do: clean up your trash and recycle any cans or plastic!
Don’t…. trash the environment by leaving your area a mess.
Do: make friends with event staff — they will show you the way.
Don’t… be rude no question is a stupid question.
Do: opt for solar-powered lights to supplement battery powered lights.
Don’t… forget to charge solar lights in the sun ahead of the event.
Do… meet your camping neighbors.
Don’t… lower your romance standards just because you’re at a festival. And remember NO means NO.
Do: enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery
Do: Take advantage of activities during the day 
Do: Come to any event staff member if you feel uncomfortable or threatened in any way.
Don’t. . . bring your pets

4 thoughts on “Sunnablot

  1. J'anne Robert

    Where is actual location for camping?

    • Michael

      The location was Springfield, TN. The event was this past weekend. Sorry it took so long to respond.

  2. Taylor eel

    I’m so hoping I can attend Sunnablot this year. I have a lot of work this weekend and I’m wondering if there’s any way I can come for one day, Sunday or Friday? And if there’s a schedule of events or anything so I can pick the better day to attend? If this isn’t an option maybe I can support your ceremony with offerings or something before?

    • Michael

      Hello. I am very sorry to reply so late. The event was this past weekend. We usually sell day passes to any large event which requires an admission fee. Hopefully you’ll be able to make it to the next one. ShadowMoot 2019. Oct. 4-6 thanks for commenting.

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