Our Mead

Raven Moon Hearth has spent a lot of the past 2 years producing some very fine mead for use during our rituals and events. When we decided to try our hands at the craft, our Thule, Don, became sort of a mad scientist at it. We make many fantastic flavors. Most of them are sweet meads. At any given point in time, there are at least 15 gallons brewing, with dozens of bottles ready to be enjoyed. Friends of the Hearth and event attendees have the privilege of trying our newest batches – they continue gain popularity. We also have many flavor varieties coming up that we can’t wait to make.

Currently in the Cellar

Hearth Mead– A sweet sack mead, with a hint of oak flavor. Best if served chilled.
Spiced Cherry– The name says it all. This is one of our most popular meads. Black cherries, brewed in a blend of spices that is quite tasty.
Idunn’s Gift– An apple cyser, with a blend of spices. Another of our most popular meads.
Wild Hunt– A blackberry mead. This is kind of dry, but enjoyed by some. This recipe is a work in progress.
Baldr’s Bliss– A cherry mead. a very sweet mead, with a hint of cherry flavor.
Raspberry Mead– A sweet and tart mead.