Recommended Books

The Teutonic Way
Kveldulf Gundarsson’s famed work is now back in print! Now you can get Teutonic Religion and Teutonic Magic in the same book, as well as additional material. Our Gothi, Michael Wilson, a friend of Kveldulf, actually helped make this publication happen. Check out the foreword for his honorable mention.

Poetic Edda = Hollander Translation
Poetic Edda = Larrington Translation
Poetic Edda = Crawford Translation
Prose Edda
Sagas Of The Icelanders
Agricola and Germania
Our Troth Vol. 1
Our Troth Vol. 2
Gods And Myths of Northern Europe
Elder Gods
Words Of Odin
Culture Of The Teutons Vol. 1 & 2
Hammer Of The Gods
Dictionary Of Norse Mythology
Norse Myths
Taking Up The Runes
Rudiments Of Runelore
The Mead Hall
The Sagas Of Ragnar Lodbrok
Hearth and Field: A Heathen Prayer Book
The Elder Troth: An Introductory Course
Embracing Heathenry
Heathen Tribes
Essential Asatru
Elves In Anglo Saxon England
Elves Wights and Trolls
Lost Gods Of England

Recommended Websites

The Troth
Midgard Musings (YouTube channel)
Jackson Crawford (YouTube channel)
Arith Härger (YouTube channel)
Maria Kvilhaug – Lady of the Labrynth (YouTube channel)
Heathens Against Hate
Alliance For Inclusive Heathenry (Facebook page)
Life After Hate
Odin’s Gift
Ravencast – the Asatru podcast
Three Little Sisters – previously Saga Press