Who we are

Who is Raven Moon Hearth? Clearly since your journey has led you here to us, this question must be hot on your mind. Allow us to relieve you of your curiosity.

We pride ourselves on our no-nonsense approach to Heathenry. We don’t mind getting our hands dirty, and we love being outdoors. We honor the Gods, our Ancestors, and all the spirits of the Northern Tradition. We describe ourselves as “Pan-Germanic Heathens” because our traditions come from a wide variety of Germanic origins. Some of us celebrate the revitalization of our ways from the standpoint of our German ancestors, or from those of Saxon origin, and some still celebrate those ways from ancient Scandinavia with which it seems people are most familiar. Though some of us may hail the God of Thunder by the name Donar, some of us by Thor, and still others by the name Thunor, we recognize his universal influence and proudly call him Brother. Thus it is with all the Aesir and the Vanir. We do not ascribe to any dogma and neither do we force our members to believe a certain way. We are tolerant.

Some of us have a very literal understanding of the Gods and Goddesses while others prefer a more poetic approach. We encourage this diversity and we proudly claim the title, Heathen, as our own.

We, like our ancient Germanic ancestors, are accepting of all peoples and all cultures save those who actively harm others. We believe that different peoples have their own understandings of the Divine and that this knowledge to them is as important as ours is to us. We do NOT condone ANY form of racism, hatred, or intolerance. We actively war against this tragic misapprehension as we believe it stains not only us and our traditions, but also our Ancestors. The Germanic peoples of ancient times were powerful warriors, brilliant poets, and expert sailors. They acted as we strive to do: with COURAGE and FIDELITY to our beliefs. They were among the most INDUSTRIOUS people to have ever lived. We strive to rekindle this spirit of friendship and adventure. We strive to do HONOR to our Ancestors. We strive to promote SELF-RELIANCE and HOSPITALITY. We believe that we have found TRUTH in the DISCIPLINE of the Northern Tradition, and we will always PERSEVERE through whatever the Norns weave for us.

This is who we are.

We are strength. We are unity. We are humble and yet we will proudly boast of our accomplishments. We are our Ancestors. We are their traditions. We are new traditions yet to be formed. We are the Doers! We are HEATHEN! We are RAVEN MOON HEARTH!


Officers of the Hearth


Greg Strong is the current Chieftain of RavenMoon Hearth. He’s been a practicing heathen for about 6 years but member of the pagan community for close to 25 years. He enjoys learning new things and cooking for his friends and kinsmen.

Donald Fleming is a follower of the Norse path as well as the current Thule of Raven Moon Hearth. He was a solitary practicing heathen for over 20 years before he joined RMH. Don is a veteran of the US Navy and has been a piercer and certified minister prior to moving to Tennessee. He is also the mead maker in the hearth.

Kyle Martinelli is the newest member to practice Heathenry. He began practicing a more Norse focused study a little over 4 years ago, and became close to the hearth shortly after. He’s a firm believer in the 9 Noble Virtues and associates more with Tyr and Heimdall.


Members of the Hearth


Brandon Johnson
Brandon has been a practicing heathen for a little over 7 years. He mainly works with Freyr and Forseti. He enjoys speaking and learning with other heathens.

Corey Stephenson
Corey has been Heathen for around 8 years. He enjoys blacksmithing, hunting and outdoors. He’s the quiet one until you get him talking. He works most with Weyland and Ullr.